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Climate Change & Renewable Energy

Foggy Forest
Windmills on green field
Research Guide: Welcome

For Design & Engineering Students
in 9th & 10th Grade

This research guide is for you!

This research guide has been curated to help you with your Design & Engineering project. To help you find an engineering problem and come up with a potential solution, review the resources here. Choose a type of renewable energy to focus on. Your teacher will place you into small groups depending on the renewable energy you choose to study more deeply. Each group will use inquiry-based research and the iterative process to develop a solution to a problem related to their chosen renewable energy.

To ensure that you can self-assess your progress against your teacher's goals, here is the learning objective of this project:

Students will leave the research guide having inferred/realized that climate change is a global challenge that affects us all. This challenge is multi-faceted with many potential solutions to which the students can contribute as they focus their studies on the solutions and obstacles that renewable energy provides.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Sustainable Energy
Solar Panels
Cloudy Day
Wind Turbines
Light Bulb
Clean Energy
Research Guide: About Me

Start Here

Click on one of the three areas below to begin your research.

Contact your librarian for login access to UDLib/SEARCH, of which many articles are linked in this research guide.

All books referenced in this research guide are available to check out from the school library.

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